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SAG Actress

Nikolina Page is an up and coming SAG actress in Los Angeles who writes comedy characters, solo shows, and yoga books!

Global Brand

She has a BA from Brown University, MA in Slavic linguistics, fluency in four languages, plus her unique US-Canadian quirkiness!

On Set

Capturing Hearts

Nikolina has brought her A-game to every role, infusing her screen, stage, and voiceover performances with energy, humor, and heart.

International Talent Team

Some demos

Voiceover & Screen*

*Dramatic reel available upon request


Stage Performances

Voiceover Demo

Multilingual Multidialectal Animation

Voiceover Demo

American Commercial

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Spanish Commercial

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French Commercial

Voiceover Demo

Russian Commercial

Film/TV Reel

Dark Comedy

Film/TV Reel

Art House

And that’s not all…

She writes & creates content too!

Comedy Characters

Nikolina is a creative force, exposing the absurdities of everyday life through her quirky characters and sketches. 

Bite-Size Yoga

 Nikolina has also authored a self-help wellness book called “Bite-Size Yoga”, helping readers around the world find their Zen in bite-sized chunks.




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