Easy Accent Acquisition – A Digital Dialect Club

Strengthen your articulation and accents with daily physical coordination exercises and new monthly combos of increasing difficulty, so you’ll always speak confidently – no matter the occasion!

Use it or lose it

Did you know as babies, we’re able to distinguish every human sound, but quickly tune in just to our home language?

The brain is very efficient: it’s use it or lose it.

But the good news is we all have the same muscles in our face and vocal tract, so we can train ourselves to coordinate them in new ways to match speakers of other languages and dialect.

The potential to speak every language and dialect is dormant within each of us, we just have to practice it!

But aren’t accents about replicating sounds?

Bingo! Just like blowing through a trumpet vs. a trombone will create a completely different quality and consistent sound.

  • Your vocal tract (i.e. every anatomical piece you use to create sound, including your vocal cords as well as your tongue, jaw, lips, etc…) is the instrument through which you speak.
  • You probably don’t even realize that you hold all these vocal tract pieces in a particular shape through which you blow air.
  • And if you change the position of any of these pieces, just like switching instruments, the sound has to consistently change with little conscious effort on your part!

Low effort?

That’s right!

Once you practice relaxing and coordinating your speech muscles in new patterns to emulate the oral posture or “accent mask” of your target speaker you are 80% there!

Finally, add rhythm and intonation.

Now, native speakers of your target accent will be very confused that you’re not one of them!

And that’s exactly what this dialect club will teach you!

You’ll never have to match an accent by ear only ever again.

You’re body will do the heavy lifting for you.

And just like yoga, dance, or any coordinated exercise, you have to practice and drill to the movements to feel relaxed, natural, and automatic.

The more time you put in, and all you need is a little daily, the more exponential your results will be!

But you need to start today.

Not a day before your interview, audition, or presentation.

Today. Right now!

Because in the beginning it’s going to feel very awkward to break your lifelong pattern.

Your brain has conveniently fused certain muscular movements to serve your native speech.

So the first step is to break your current physical speech habit i.e. decouple the muscular movements.

This is going to look a lot like patting your head and rubbing your stomach for the first time.

It’s not going to be cute.

But with just a little bit of conscious “wiggling” and re-coordinating every day, the incremental 1% gains will snowball.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to adapt to any accent or speech situation with greater speed, ease, and flexibility!

It’s like yoga for your face.

And your face is incredible:

  • You have so many muscles that you probably aren’t even aware of.
  • And a lot of your facial muscles affect tension and relaxation in your entire body!

And if you can break your current physical habit of speech, consciously putting on any accent mask that you desire, imagine what other habits and conscious choices you can make in your life!

It all starts with you and your potential is as unlimited as a human being.

Why not start with speech, accents, and dialects, and resonate with the limitless audience of your dreams?

In this course you will learn:

  • The muscles of your face, how to relax, decouple, and coordinate them in new combinations.
  • How to research and analyze an “accent mask” of a target speaker so that you can create that mask for yourself and practice speaking through it.
  • How to listen for and practice the rhythm and intonation of your target speaker to close the gap of an incredibly natural linguistic performance, so you can focus on communicating vs. imitating.

Bonus skills, you’ll likely acquire

Through this practical program, you might also experience:

  • Increased awareness of your mirror neurons and kinesthetic response in language and other physical skillsets.
  • Improved musicality in your own language and others.
  • Increased empathy for speakers of other accents, dialects, and languages as the change in oral posture affects physical postures, thus embodying (vs. mimicking a stereotype) of what it means to live in a new speech pattern, its different vulnerabilities, and emotional availability.
  • Increased familiarity with the International Phonetic Alphabet, its advantages and limitations, and how to interpret the charts in a way that works for you (vs. sterile academic study).
  • and many more…

This might seem like a lot of information, but don’t worry…

As a former intern of Knight-Thompson Speechwork, with a graduate degree in linguistics, as well as former corporate eLearning instructional designer, I’ve transformed the academia into to easy-to-follow video exercises that are effective and sometimes even physically pleasurable for your entire body as you learn to communicate in new physical patterns.

Join the club today to get the current and frequently updating new exercises and accent mask breakdowns, plus discounts on private coaching to evaluate your current progress and tailor your training to your goals.

It’s a month-to-month subscription and you can cancel and restart any time.

Start now for your future success.

  • Just like with exercise, you’ll need to practice frequently and regularly for dependable gains.
  • There is no cramming with physical coordination.
  • But once it’s there, your accent switching will be impressive and imperceptible!

You can accomplish so much and – at least with accent and dialect work – I can’t wait to get you there!

Try it today and see your speech, and possibly life, transformed!